Motorcycle Tires (Lifespan, Old Tires & Used Tires check)

Tires are one of the most important components of a motorcycle. Most motorcycle riders know that they need to keep tires at a certain PSI to maximize efficiency and ride optimally. It is also vital to know how long motorcycle tires can last and when to change them.

So, how many miles do motorcycle tires last? Generally, motorcycle tires vary in miles depending on the tire’s position: front tires can last up to 3700 miles, while rare tires last to 1800 miles. Front tires tend to last longer because they are not subjected to tough roles like rear tires are. For that reason, you need to change your rear tires more frequently to avoid irregularities.

If you are a motorcycle owner or rider, you know how important its tires are. It is almost impossible to ride a motorcycle if its tires are in bad condition. Generally, a motorcycle’s front tires can last for 3700 miles, while its rear tires last up to 1800 miles.

Rear tires tend to last for a short time because they are subjected to tougher conditions. These tires handle most of the weight on the motorcycle, thus tend to wear down at a faster rate. On the other hand, front tires last longer, almost double the lifespan of rear tires.

Like any other vehicle, several factors determine the life expectancy of a motorcycle tire. This section discusses some of these aspects in detail. While mileage is one of the obvious reasons, there are other factors you should keep your eyes on.

The tread of your motorcycle tire is a crucial factor influencing its life expectancy. In fact, one of the quickest ways you can determine whether or not a motorcycle tire needs replacement is by looking at its treads.

Generally, you are required by both the state and federal laws to ensure that the motorcycle tire tread is at least 2/32 or 1/32 deep. It is essential to know that all the areas in your motorcycle wear evenly.

However, unless you spend the time driving your motorcycle in circles, the middle of your tire will likely lose tread faster than the outer parts. Therefore, if you are examining the life expectancy of your motorcycle by evaluating the tread, you should start by looking at the tread in the middle part of the tire.

Tread isn’t the only thing that could make your motorcycle tires go bad. This is because you also need to consider the general defects that equally influence its performance. For example, sometimes, you might experience a dry rot in the sidewalls.

Mostly, this appears as a crack along the tire sides. If you notice dry rot, you need to replace your motorcycle tire as soon as possible. This is still the case even if the actual tire tread is in good condition. In most cases, dry rots are found in motorcycles exposed to a lot of harsh sunlight.

Therefore, if you keep your motorcycle in the open and exposed to sunlight, you will likely experience this problem. You should pay attention to the side profile of your wheels as well. Motorcycles that are ridden most of the time end up with oddly square-looking wheels. Therefore, if your motorcycle wheels look anything other than round, it is a clear sign that they need replacement. Failure to do so risks worsening the condition and increasing the chances of an accident.

It is also vital to consider the age of the tire since several factors influence the age of a motorcycle tire. For instance, the answer to that question can be based on the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the particular age limit or brand of the tire.

Generally, different manufacturers give different answers on how long motorcycle tires can last. However, if you want a straightforward answer that cuts across most tire brands, it is around three and a half years. Remember that this time limit applies only to front tires.

A motorcycle’s front tires tend to last longer than rear tires because they are exposed to less wear and tear. Therefore, a standard front tire will last for around three and a half years. Contrary to that, rear tires need to be changed more regularly.

A standard rear tire can last up to one and a half years, depending on how you use it. However, it could last shorter than that if you expose it to tough working conditions. In general, you will need to replace both of your motorcycle tires after five years if you use them interchangeably. If you want to get more out of the tires, you will have to inspect them regularly and ensure they are up to date.

You should maintain a regular check-up session to keep the threads intact. Remember that your tires’ longevity doesn’t only depend on their age. Instead, they also depend on the type of conditions you drive in and the kind of care you give them.

Motorcycles that enjoy regular maintenance tend to have longer-lasting tires than those that don’t get regular maintenance. In addition, motorcycles driven in better conditions have tires that last longer.

Therefore, it is obvious that if you drive around on roads full of rusty nails and terrible conditions, you shouldn’t expect your tires to last for long. Tires exposed to such conditions tend to wear down at a fast rate, and you will have to replace them on a more regular basis.

How Old Is Too Old for Motorcycle Tires?

Most motorcycle owners ask themselves the age limit of motorcycle tires. Knowing the age limit is crucial because most users think motorcycle tires are designed to last almost forever.

The maximum age motorcycle tires can work is five years. Therefore, you should change your motorcycle tires once they hit five years. Check the tires’ date of manufacture and know their current age to be sure.

While the average age limit is five years, motorcycle tires could last longer than that. For instance, if you provide good maintenance and get a professional to do regular checks, motorcycle tires could last longer.

You should also look out for punctures and cuts that could result in loss of pressure. The presence of such defects could mean that the motorcycle tire is worn out and could need replacement.

While motorcycle tires mostly wear out due to use, they can also wear down due to age. Therefore, it is vital to keep a close eye on the age of your tires. Being cautious about the age and state of your motorcycle tires is crucial because it prevents you from possibly causing road accidents due to loss of control.

While it is helpful to be cautious about the condition of your motorcycle tires, you need to be very careful when replacing them. It seems like most motorcycle owners are only obsessed with buying tires with the most recent date codes. In some cases, riders refuse tires with rubber that is more than a year old. As much as rubber isn’t as volatile as other materials, it is still crucial to know the age of your tires.

Generally, most tire manufacturers advise that you should replace them once every five years. This means that you need to tell the age of the tires before thinking of replacing them. While it is not possible to tell the age of motorcycle tires just by looking at them, there are a few signs that can help with that.

For instance, if you notice cracks along with the carcass of the tire, you will have to replace it right away. Unfortunately, the sniffing technique that you can use to identify spoiled milk doesn’t work here. Instead, you need to observe keenly to notice the defects.

When tires age, several things tend to happen. To start with, motorcycle tires are subjected to a process called oxidation. This is where oxygen reacts with other compounds in rubber, causing them to harden and eventually become brittle. Given the significant increase in oxidation, tire performance will reduce drastically. This is when you start noticing worrying defects in your motorcycle tires.

Thankfully, the process of oxidation in motorcycle tires is relatively slow, thus the impact might take time to show. However, some factors can speed up this process and worsen the condition significantly.

For instance, how your motorcycle is stored could affect the oxidation process — direct sunlight is a huge catalyst. These conditions make concrete leech the moisture out of your motorcycle tires and speed up oxidation. Therefore, you will notice a drastic change in tire performance.

Furthermore, oxidation occurs rapidly at extremely high temperatures. Therefore, if it is possible, you should store your motorcycle in a cool place. If you don’t use it regularly and it basically sits in the garage most of the time, you are encouraged to raise it off the ground regularly to prevent flat spots from forming on the tires. Thankfully, there are several ways you can take care of your motorcycle tire and prevent mechanical problems. Implement these tips if you want your tires to last longer!

What To Do With Used Motorcycle Tires?

Almost every physical product has an expiry date; this is the case with motorcycle tires. At some point, they will get old and won’t be used in motorcycles anymore. Therefore, what do you do with such tires?

Some of the things you can do with old motorcycle tires include using them for tire liners, using them around the house as decor, transforming them into fashion, or resurrecting them into new tires. This section discusses what you can do with your old motorcycle tires in detail.

One thing you can do with your old motorcycle tire is use it as tire liners. If you know the anatomy of motorcycle tires, you understand that their liners tend to wear out quickly. While you can use other materials as tire liners, experts advise that you use old motorcycle tires.

This is because they fit perfectly and can sustain excessive weight. You won’t have to repair the liners regularly due to punctures or misfits. Therefore, you should consider using your old motorcycle tires as tire liners.

You can also use old motorcycle tires around the house for a variety of handy things. For instance, you can split up the tire and use it as a stand or seat. There are several DIY videos that show how you can do this. If you don’t have the necessary tools or experience, you shouldn’t try such projects because you can ruin your old tire.

Instead, you should get an expert with knowledge in DIY projects to do it for you. You can also turn your old tire into a book holder. This might sound impossible, but you can arrange some of your books inside the tire.

An old motorcycle can also be transformed into fashion accessories. This depends on your level of creativity and how far you are willing to go to get the most out of an old tire. For instance, you can use the old tire as decor by planting some colorful flowers in it.

The best way you can turn it into decor is by painting it a solid color. You can also hang the old tire on trees outside your garden to enhance your appearance. This will significantly improve curb appeal.

Lastly, you can check if your local motorcycle shop could take it for recycling. In most cases, motorcycle shops accept old tires, especially if they are in usable condition. You could even get a few dollars in exchange for your old motorcycle tires!


Motorcycle tires are one of the important parts of a motorcycle. Therefore, you need to take good care of your tires to ensure stability. Most motorcycle owners wonder how many miles tires can last. The answer to this question varies depending on the position of the tire. For instance, front tires can last up to 3700 miles, while rear tires last up to 1800 miles.

This is the case because rear tires tend to wear out at a fast rate. Some users also want to know how old is too old for motorcycle tires. The answer to this question is five years. However, how you use your tires could make it shorter or longer than that.

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