Tire Shipping (UPS, Cheapest Way to Ship, How Shipping done)

Tires are a crucial part of any vehicle. For that reason, about three billion tires are produced in the world annually. Irrespective of your location, if you are in need of a tire, you can always find one that suits your car’s preference and terrain.

So, how are tires shipped? Tires are shipped exposed because they might damage the cardboard box due to their weight. If you are shopping for car or motorcycle tires, you can expect them to arrive wrapped together in plastic cellophane. This helps keep them together to make transportation easy. While many tire companies ship tires in this manner, Lego does it differently. Being one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, Lego uses different materials to package tires when shipping.

As a car owner, you know the importance of well-functioning tires in the quality of your ride and the safety of your vehicle. Given the importance of tires, over three billion of them are produced annually. If you purchase these tires from the manufacturing company, you might be wondering how to ship them.

Tires are shipped exposed due to their weight, which can damage the cardboard box. Most manufacturing companies wrap tires together in a plastic bag to facilitate easy transportation. This is done depending on the number of tires being transported.

After tires arrive on your premises, you need to be careful where you put them. This is because newly shipped tires can stain the floor they are placed on. You should note that new tires are made from over 200 different materials.

Some of the materials involved in the production process are liquid oils that can get soaked into your floor. Liquid oils are used to prevent tires from cracking up when they are on display on a dry shelf. Leaving them exposed for that long could cause cracks in their structure.

One of the largest tire manufacturers, Lego, uses a unique shipment method that entails different materials. In some cases, they ship tires in amalgamation. While this manufacturing company considers all the safety protocols and is often ranked among the best tire packagers, there are many other options you can choose from.

When you purchase car tires online, they are handled carefully due to their delicate nature. You wouldn’t want to receive a damaged or distorted car tire. Thankfully, most shipping companies have good customer service that makes it easy to deliver packages.

When dealing with tire shipping, it is better to do it right the first time than do it twice because it can cost more money. For that reason, shipping companies follow strict processing when it comes to tire shipping. After ordering new tires online, it takes four steps for the tire to reach your doorstep. Knowing these steps will enlighten you on how tire shipping is done.

The first step is tire picking. As you mentioned earlier, about three billion tires are produced annually. While some people think tires are manufactured once ordered, that is not always the case. Chances are that the tires are sitting on a dry shelf waiting for you to buy them. After you have submitted your order and received the confirmation email, someone will go find them for you.

If you order tires with rims, the manufacturing company will find the appropriate rims that match the tires. Once all the parts are found, they are carefully placed in a line waiting to be paired for shipping. This marks the end of the tire picking step.

Tire prepping is the next step. After severally checking the sizes to ensure they picked the correct tires, they are swiftly mounted onto the rims and balanced. This takes a few minutes because they have to ensure the tires are balanced appropriately.

Some wholesalers have a dedicated room equipped with press machines to make this step faster. Depending on the size of the tires involved, each tire balancer and press can cost up to $10,000. This shows the high expenses that go into tire prepping, explaining why some tires cost more than usual. After prepping, tires are neatly organized and ready for the next step.

Tire packing is the third and second-last stage. It is an essential part of the tire shipping process. This is the step that involves expert packaging skills that ensure tires are in the best condition possible. As earlier mentioned, the cardboard box might easily crumble under the weight of tires. For that reason, packagers must find a way to keep them safe. They do so by using the same type of plastic wrap used in shipping pallets.

This is a tough package that makes it safe to ship tires over long distances. In this method, tires are wrapped independently before they are all wrapped together. They are spun inside what looks like a robotic, giant, spider web. In cases where rims are sticking out than the tire, extra wedging has to be put between them. This is helpful because it prevents tires from scratching. These methods go a long way in keeping tires safe throughout the shipping.

The last step is shipping. Nowadays, there are numerous options for tire shipping. For instance, you can purchase tires through online stores like Amazon and have them shipped to you the next day. The shorter it takes for a shipment to arrive, the more it costs.

Over the last few years, there have been massive changes in how tires are shipped. Tire companies have shipping partners that provide shipping options. They also give a shipping number that constantly updates you on where your package is. This makes it easy for you to know when to collect your new tires.

It is vital to note that the cost of tire shipping depends on a wide range of factors. For instance, the manufacturing company you work with could influence the cost of tire shipping. Some companies tend to charge more than others, depending on their policies.

Besides, the number of tires you buy could also affect the total shipping costs. Shipping many tires will cost more than shipping a handful of tires. Therefore, it is vital to consider these factors when planning to ship your new tires.

Will UPS Ship Tires?

UPS is one of the largest shipping companies in the United States. It offers value-added services such as delivery and collection options, special handling, and delivery notification. Given its lucrative services, some people wonder if UPS can ship tires.

UPS can ship tires. In fact, this company is one of the best for shipping tires. When shopping for your car tires and evaluating different shipping companies, you will find that UPS has very competitive prices. This explains why the company is one of the most preferred shipping carriers for tire shipment.

Tires are more oddly shaped and bigger than other types of shipments. For that reason, the Postal Service charges a heavy premium for handling these types of shipments. The fact that tires need premium handling during shipment makes it vital to consider the shipping company.

While the Postal Service charges a heavy premium on tire shipment, you will enjoy affordable rates from UPS. The rates also apply to bulkier items like tires and rims. Therefore, you need to work with a reliable shipping company that offers affordable charges when shopping for tires. Thankfully, there is a wide range of companies to choose from, including UPS.

As mentioned earlier, tires are quite heavy, and their weight could damage shipping boxes. This makes it important to wrap the tires before shipping them off. While this is the case with most shipping companies, UPS has a different approach.

With them, you don’t have to pack your tire into a box or use any special kind of packaging material. This is because the company has a pretty straightforward packaging process for tire shipment.

There are several precautions that you need to keep in mind during this process. For instance, you should apply pressure-sensitive tape that goes through the center of the tire. You should also ensure that it covers the body of the tire.

It is also crucial to ensure the tape attaches to itself for maximum efficiency. Repeat this process several times. You might want to ensure that the tape covers about six inches of the tire. The tape keeps tires together and prevents them from falling apart during the shipment process.

If you choose UPS as your shipping company, you are encouraged to choose UPS Ground. This is one of the most recommended services for tire shipment. Since tires are heavy and bulky, it is easy for UPS to transport them. The most preferred method of transport is trucks rather than airplanes. This significantly reduces the cost of shipping tires.

Even though UPS Ground is the cheapest tire shipping service, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is slow. When you order tires through this service, it will take between 1-5 business days to arrive. It takes shorter days for any destination within the United States.

In fact, the destination might take shorter than you think in some regions. Therefore, you should consider your location when estimating the cost of delivery. Those outside the United States might incur a higher cost when shipping with UPS.

Therefore, if you are looking for a shipping company that will deliver within a short time and at an affordable price, you should consider UPS. Keep in mind the number of tires you order, and their size could also impact the total cost.

What Is the Cheapest Way To Ship a Tire?

Over a billion tires are produced annually, showing their importance in our daily life. When you need new tires, there are several ways you can get them — one of them is ordering them on online platforms. If you do that regularly, you might be wondering about the cheapest way to ship a tire.

The cheapest way to ship a tire is by using UPS Ground. This service has been ranked the best in shipping tires and other heavy items. Given that tires are bulky, it makes it easy to transport them on the truck rather than on airplanes. This means you will have cheaper rates with UPS Ground. Therefore, when looking for the cheapest way to ship your tires, you should consider UPS Ground services.

However, before shipping your tires, there are several things you need to consider. These guidelines go a long way in helping you ensure that you have a smooth delivery that is not costly. Apart from seamless delivery, these guidelines also ensure that the carrier service has an easy time handling the delivery.

One of the things you should do is determine your shipment’s weight and dimensions. This is vital because it helps you get the most affordable and accurate estimate to ship your wheels. Apart from knowing the estimated cost, you will also know the size your shipment will take up. These dimensions are used in calculating the total cost.

The tires should have an open pressure valve before shipment by air. Alternatively, the tires must be deflated before shipping. This is vital in protecting them because tires are highly vulnerable when filled with air. They can sustain punctures or other defects while in transit. Therefore, it is essential to have the air pressure set at 10 psi before shipping. This applies to both road and air transport.

Lastly, you are encouraged to have someone present at the pickup or drop-off locations when shipments are delivered. These guidelines are vital in ensuring a safe shipping process. It also helps limit any damage that can happen to your tires. Therefore, when choosing an ideal tire shipping company, you should consider the size and type of your shipment.

While UPS Ground is one of the cheapest tire shipping options available, there are several other options you can consider. For instance, FedEx also offers tire shipping services. Therefore, you don’t necessarily have to go for UPS if you have other options in mind. The aim is to minimize cost.

Wrap Up

Tires are one of the most produced commodities in the world, with over three billion of them manufactured annually. This shows the important role they play in a car. Tires are shipped in an exposed form because they can damage the cardboard box. Several steps are involved in the tire’s shipping process. Some of them include tire picking, tire preparedness, tire packing, and shipping.

UPS can ship tires. In fact, UPS offers one of the best tire shipping services. Their services are affordable, and you will get your shipment in a short time. It takes about 1-5 business days for a shipment to arrive when working with UPS.

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