Brembo Brakes Better? (Expensive, Lifespan, Feature Check)

When it comes to high-quality brakes, Brembo is a leading producer whose products are popular in the motor industry. Brembo brakes are preferred by most drivers thanks to their efficiency. They have an incredible performance that could halt speeds of up 200 miles per hour.

So, how expensive are Brembo brakes? The average Brembo brake pad costs around $165 per axle. This amount could rise to $300, depending on the materials on your vehicle’s brake pad. The cheapest brake pads you can find are made from organic material. Such materials are not reliable and could affect your vehicle’s brake performance.

This is not the case with Brembo brakes. Made from high-quality materials and enhanced with the best technology, Brembo brakes guarantee efficiency. Besides, Brembo is a renowned innovator and world leader in automotive disc brake technology.

You can’t talk about the best brake systems worldwide without mentioning Brembo brakes. Being a world-leading innovator in automotive brake technology, Brembo produces some of the best brakes in the world. For that reason, many car owners want to know how expensive Brembo brakes are.

The average cost of a Brembo brake pad is $160 per axle. However, this cost can go as high as $300 per axle, depending on the materials in your vehicle’s brake pad. If the materials in the brake system are of high quality, the cost will be higher. Remember that the cheapest brake pads are those made from organic material.

Given its many years of experience in the industry, Brembo is acknowledged as a leading innovator in automotive disc brake technology. The established brake system producer supplies a wide range of products, mainly braking systems.

But what makes Brembo brakes so expensive? The major difference between Brembo brakes and standard brakes is that Brembo brakes are designed for maximum performance and luxury. This is not the case with standard brakes that are designed for comfort and practicality.

Knowing what makes Brembo brakes stand out will go a long way in helping you make the right decision. Those that have never heard about Brembo brakes might also be wondering why they cost so much — they are worth every penny, just like you are about to find out.

For one, Brembo brakes come with state-of-the-art materials and technology to maximize efficiency. They are made from high-friction material to regulate and enhance braking power. Besides, the Brembo braking system has slotted and drilled rotors, a phenomenon associated with luxury and sports cars.

The drilled slots and holes widen the rotor’s surface area, allowing heat to dissipate more efficiently. This feature makes Brembo brakes highly effective even when the vehicle is moving at extremely high speeds. By doing so, Brembo brakes reduce the risk of accidents in emergencies.

Generally, when brakes start to overheat, they can cause brake failure or warp. In fact, this is the most common cause of brake failure in stand brake systems. Most cars you see on your daily commute have standard brakes, meaning they are likely to experience this problem.

Trying to stop a car with such brakes is challenging, especially if you are driving at high speeds. You won’t have enough time to control the car and risk causing accidents. On the other hand, Brembo brakes are lighter and more efficient.

This reduces the vehicle’s overall weight and helps improve its braking performance. No matter how fast the car is going, you have a good chance of stopping it with Brembo brakes. Getting the car to stop on time prevents dangerous situations that could lead to accidents.

Given the great performance of Brembo brakes, many car owners are interested in installing them. Thankfully, Brembo brakes can be installed on a wide range of vehicles without restrictions.

While this is possible, some vehicles don’t need additional braking power. If you are a standard daily driver that doesn’t do long-distance drives, you don’t have to improve the vehicle’s braking power. Besides, the kind of vehicle you use can determine if Brembo brakes will work fine for you. Due to their design, some vehicles wouldn’t improve much, even with Brembo brakes.

Therefore, you should check whether your vehicle can sustain Brembo brakes first before thinking of installing them. This will help you save money and get something that actually works on your car. However, if you have a luxury or high-performance car, you should get Brembo brakes.

Most high-end vehicles come with Brembo brakes, meaning they are already used to this braking system. Therefore, if your car comes with Brembo brakes from the factory, you should consider getting them. High-performance vehicles are compatible with Brembo brakes and will get the most out of them.

High Performance car brakes

The fact that Brembo brakes are mostly used in high-performance cars doesn’t mean that you can’t use them on your standard car. It is possible to install Brembo brakes on your vehicle if you have already purchased them.

These brakes are incredibly high-performing and reliable that many car companies have partnered with them. Many car companies use Brembo brakes straight from the factory, giving you a chance also to use them on your vehicle. In most cases, Brembo brakes are used on exotic and rare hypercars and supercars that depend on efficient braking systems for safety.

As you might be aware, most of these hypercars and supercars have top speeds of over 200mph. Trying to stop a car at such high speeds would need excellent brakes, and Brembo brakes are exactly that.

Some vehicles known for using Brembo brakes are Corvette Z01, Pagani Zonda, Porsche 918 Spider, and the Dodge Viper SRT. If you have seen any of these vehicles at top speed, then you know how efficient Brembo brakes are.

While Brembo brakes might not be the only reliable and high-performance vehicle on the market, they are one of the most reputable and widely recognized brakes. Therefore, if you are considering getting a reliable brake system, consider Brembo brakes.

Are Brembo Brakes Better?

When you hear about Brembo brakes, one of the first things that come to mind is their high costs. Brembo brakes cost more than standard brakes due to a wide range of reasons. Due to this, many car owners wonder if Brembo brakes are better than standard ones.

Brembo brakes are much better than standard ones. They come with high-performance capabilities that guarantee maximum efficiency. Thanks to their state-of-the-art design and technology, Brembo brakes can stop a car moving at 100mph in just 2.5 seconds. Such brake efficiency is only associated with Formula One cars and luxury vehicles like Lamborghini, Porsche, and Ferrari.

Thankfully, with Brembo brakes, you can have that experience on your standard car. These brakes have remarkable components that combine to produce unequaled performance. Knowing some factors that make Brembo brakes better will help you make an informed decision.

Brembo Brake Features

One of the features that make Brembo brakes stand out is their dimensions. Size is a crucial factor when it comes to enhancing braking performance. In fact, size is a major component of Brembo brake pads.

Every disc brake relies on three factors to function efficiently: the friction coefficient, the clamping force of the caliper, and the effective radius of the disc. When the brake pad has a larger disc diameter, it will have a greater braking torque.

This means that when you increase the disc diameter, you increase its effective radius as well as its braking torque. Brembo brakes use this phenomenon to function efficiently. It is why the brakes can stop a speedy vehicle within a few seconds.

The brake pad dimensions also play a vital role in the Brembo brake system. When dimensions are larger, they facilitate wider disposal of heat. This helps reduce the inclination of the braking system and makes it easier to stop a fast car.

While the dimension in standard brakes is primarily narrow, Brembo brakes come with a wider dimension that increases the surface area. This increases the contact point of brake pads. Besides, the diameter and number of caliper pistons is directly proportional to the system’s braking torque.

Remember that both of these factors are influenced by the clamping force. You don’t have to worry about the amount of pressure exerted on the brake pads because the vehicle will still stop promptly. This goes a long way in reducing the risk of accidents.

The lightness of Brembo brakes is one reason they are better than standard ones. It is impossible to increase the size of a vehicle’s braking system because doing so will increase the size of unsuspended masses.

When you increase the size of unwanted masses, you significantly affect the vehicle’s overall performance. This is why you need a light brake system on your vehicle. Brembo brakes are very light, making them a reliable braking system.

A good example is the Brembo ceramic carbon discs that only weigh half the size of traditional brake discs. With only half the weight, Brembo brakes ensure maximum efficiency.

Besides, the lightness allows an advantage in the reduction of non-suspended masses. Brembo aluminum brake calipers are designed to provide the best stiffness/weight ratio. This ratio is necessary for bringing the car to a stop, especially in emergencies.

The Brembo brake system has unique design methods meant to achieve the utmost optimization of the shape. This is the case thanks to a laborious and long testing phase on both the road and the bench. You don’t have to worry about the braking system even when driving at high speeds.

The Friction material in Brembo brakes is another reason you should consider getting them. As mentioned earlier, the friction coefficient plays a key role in braking torque. Similarly, the type of materials used is a factor that affects the braking system’s dimensions.

To help you understand this phenomenon, here is one example: The Brembo carbon ceramic discs have a friction coefficient of 12% higher than cast iron. Another factor affecting the friction exerted is the material used and the disc’s surface finish.

Brembo brakes have slotted and drilled brake systems, which ensures they have a greater grip on the brake pad. This means the vehicle will stop instantly, even at extremely high speeds.

While Brembo brakes are highly reliable, you should be careful when driving. Don’t drive at insanely high speeds because your vehicle has Brembo brakes. The brakes might effectively halt speedy vehicles but not prevent head-on collisions.

How Long Do Brembo Brakes Last?

Brembo brakes are one of the most established and popular brakes used in cars today. They come with great technology that makes them reliable, especially when driving at high speeds. Many car owners wonder how long Brembo brakes last.

Brembo brakes have a lifespan of about 35,000 miles. This means they are quite durable and highly efficient. However, all brake pads wear down gradually and should be replaced when they are beyond repair. If your car uses Brembo brakes, it is vital to take good care of them. Thankfully, there are several ways you can maintain your Brembo brakes.

One way you can maintain Brembo brakes is by washing your car regularly. Keeping your car in excellent condition helps enhance the durability of Brembo brakes. Besides, a clean car will operate smoothly and look better. By regularly washing your car, you help remove dust, dirt, and other contaminants that might make your car run poorly.

Another way you can maintain Brembo brakes is by using a Brembo cleaner spray. If your brakes are squeaky or feeling a little gritty, it is time to clean them thoroughly. One of the most effective ways to do so is using a Brembo cleaner spray. Use it as many times as possible when cleaning your car. If possible, you can use it directly in your braking system to clean them.


Brembo is a world-leading brake systems innovator. Brembo brakes have the reputation of being highly reliable and efficient. Due to their high performance and demand, Brembo brakes are generally costly. The average Brembo brake pad costs around $165 per axle.

This amount can rise to $300 depending on the materials on your brake pad. Brembo brakes are better than standard ones due to their high-performance capabilities. These brakes have the ability to stop vehicles going as fast as 100mph in just 2.5 seconds. Brembo brakes have a lifespan of about 35,000 miles.

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